Your Eyes Are Your Best Password

The iris pattern in each human eye is unique and provides a very strong and robust authentication mechanism, even better than alternative biometric technologies such as face, eye veins, voice or fingerprints. Delta ID ActiveIRISTM technology integrated into mobile and PC devices makes it easy - as easy as just look at the device - to securely access devices and services.

Device Unlock

With Delta ID ActiveIRISTM technology device unlocking is as easy as just looking at the device for a few milliseconds. No more remembering of PINs and passwords, no careful positioning or scanning of face, eye veins or fingers. Iris is intrinsically more secure than a 4 or 5 digit PIN, face, eye veins, voice or even fingerprint. ActiveIRIS implemented per Delta ID's reference design offers security that is orders of magnitude stronger - better false acceptance rates, better resistance to spoofing.

Mobile Payments

Iris elevates security of mobile payments, both at point-of-sale terminals and online, to a new level - significantly higher than the security level achievable by fingerprints. With Delta ID ActiveIRISTM Technology a quick look is all that is required to enable very secure mobile payment transaction. Once ActiveIRISTM is securely integrated in the device per Delta ID's reference design, the secure vault containing credit card related information is accessed only upon successful authentication of the user's iris.



Counterfeiting is not a problem exclusive of luxury brands. It's a widespread problem that not only creates negative value for brands but are also puts people's lives in jeopardy when it comes to food and drugs. Even the reputation of distributors and retailers is at risk.

Commonly used authentication mechanisms today, such as holograms, color-shifting inks, special printing, basic RFID chipped labels have shown to be ineffective in controlling counterfeiting. Some secure RFID ICs offer robust solution and a strong protection, but they are too expensive to be used at item level for high volume.

Verayo offers highly effective technology to aid in the authentication of products and protect against counterfeiting issues by extracting silicon biometrics and creating unclonable RFID chips.

  • Low-cost & Unclonable
  • Customizable to product requirements
  • Multiple consumer applications

With a simple tap of an NFC phone, consumers can verify authenticity of the product at any time. Verayo has also built a robust platform to enable consumer engagement on top of authentication for a variety of applications: pharmaceuticals, liquor, cigarettes, luxury goods, electronic devices, cosmetics, clothing, access cards...and much more.

Depending on the customer's needs, Verayo offers two possible architectures:

An offline solution that checks the authenticity of a PUF-embedded NFC chip linked to a specific product. This solution requires providing readers and tags to users and is more dedicated to supply chain stakeholders.

An online solution that allows any users equipped with an NFC-enabled phone to check in real-time the integrity of the PUF-embedded NFC tag on the product. This is the perfect solution for consumer market.

Verayo currently deploys these solutions, involving the production of million of chips, with its partners in Asia and South America. In 2013, more than 40 million chips were sold worldwide.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is a reality. Some experts estimate that there will be almost seven times as many connected devices in the world as there are people by 2020 (Cisco ISBG, April 2011). This idea of everyday objects being embedded with sensors and chips connected to the internet, having the ability to communicate and slowly taking over on easy daily tasks, is gaining momentum.

In this smarter world, staying connected is not a problem. Ubiquitous computing is everywhere: not only smart phones and tablets, but also wearables, medical patches, smart home appliances, cloud-based security systems, intelligent cars, smart meters... and much more.

Over the years, chips and sensors are becoming smarter, smaller and cheaper. And with so many applications, low-cost authentication is becoming critical. Imagine a self-driving car or a civil drone communicating with a hacked server. Or medical patches and wearables sharing data with unauthorized entities. This could put people's lives in jeopardy. Security is a must.

Verayo uses state-of-the-art technology to produce continuous and simple IoT authentication. Each sensor or device enabled with PUF security is unique and unclonable.

Opal is a proof of concept. It's a small and lightweight, proximity-based authentication token to secure access to mobile devices. Relying on the latest bluetooth, if the token is more than three feet away from a paired electronic device, all screens and data lock automatically. Each token is unique and unclonable.

  • Unclonable ID
  • Light weight interface
  • Simple implementation

Unclonable devices provide strong user authentication and data signing. Beyond security, Verayo uses software and firmware layers to facilitate integration, simple implementation and user-friendly interface. This type of security paired with such simplicity is unlike anything else.

Verayo provides robust authentication with no need for stored keys, secure memory, crypto or anti-tamper technology. This technology is reliably used to authenticate the silicon remotely and establish trust for data being read or written to an IoT endpoint.

Verayo is working on multiple form factors and more functionality, seeking new partnerships for technology integration. Our small hardware can be embedded in any electronic device for additional functionality and more convenience to end users. Imagine a fitness wristband with the ability to securely lock/unlock devices and authorize transactions.

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Trusted Computing

In a world where machines are slowly taking over on easy daily tasks, authentication between two machines is critical. Strengthening communication nodes legitimacy is crucial so stakeholders can keep developing complex and efficient fully integrated machine-to-machine solutions.

In this area, Verayo has developed PUF-based highly secure key generation mechanisms that can be easily integrated in any ASIC and FPGA. Verayo can generate such a key at very small technology nodes where there is no secure memory to establish trust between machines.

This technology generates volatile secrets, there is no need for trusted programming and it can be used for cryptographic applications (AES, RSA, HMAC...). These solutions have been extensively tested across different environmental conditions and have been proven to be extremely robust and reliable.

  • Small-process geometry
  • Highly secure applications
  • Tested across different environmental conditions

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Verayo Sales Department

Enterprise Application Access

Passwords - remembering, storing, restoring them - is perhaps the biggest technology challenge of our times. Biometric technologies are increasingly being used to address this challenge. Iris, with its advantages over face, eye veins, voice, fingerprints and other modalities provides a better fit as password. Delta ID ActiveIRISTM, with its fast and reliable recognition capabilities, provides an easier, safer, and more reliable mechanism for addressing the "password challenge" when accessing applications.