ActiveIRISTM Technology

World's First & Only Iris Recognition System Ready for Mobile Consumers

The iris has been well accepted in the biometric community as a richer modality to identify and authenticate people. It works better than face, eye veins, voice and even fingerprints - it is much more reliable, safe and secure. Learn More

Until now iris has been primarily used by governments for defense and border control purpose. Typical iris recognition systems are not amenable for use by consumers. Delta ID is changing that.

Delta ID's ActiveIRISTM Technology is world's first and only iris recognition technology ready for the mobile consumers. It combines Delta ID's advanced iris recognition software with simple, inexpensive and easy to integrate hardware to enable mobile devices - mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other devices - to do quick and reliable iris recognition in a typical mobile use scenario - when the user and device are mobile.

ActiveIRISTM Software Library

  • Available for all phone / PC OS
  • Available for ARM TrustZone® and Intel TXT

Hardware reference design

  • Infrared LED
  • Infrared camera with an IR band pass filter
  • Integration guidelines

ActiveIRIS uses advanced computer pattern recognition techniques to create mathematical representations, called templates, out of the unique random patterns of the iris. These templates are used for recognizing the user using the following simple steps:


This is done once, perhaps when user sets up the device to use iris recognition feature. At this time the iris of both eyes is scanned to create a template. The template(s) are securely stored on the device in its trusted environment.


After enrollment whenever the user switches on the iris system, the iris of both eyes are quickly scanned and compared with the stored templates to authenticate the user.

ActiveIRIS Advantages

Delta ID's ActiveIRIS Technology has been designed to work reliably in typical consumer mobile usage scenarios - in less than optimal conditions. ActiveIRIS system is:

Fastest - By far the fastest in the industry, it recognizes user in less than 150ms

Easy-to-use - Recognize user, with or without glasses, anywhere in 20cm - 50cm comfortable distance from the device

Smart & Reliable - Matches out-of-focus, misaligned, occluded eyes, images with motion-blur, pupil dilation

Outdoor & Indoor - Works across lighting conditions with ambient reflections

Safe & Secure - As low as 1 in 10 million false acceptance rate. Hard to spoof. Implemented in ARM TrustZone® and Intel TXT


Iris is the thin circular structure around the pupil in the eye. It controls the size of the pupil, and hence the amount of light that gets into the retina of the eye.

Iris - a better biometric modality

The iris is unique to each human being - has a different color and structure. Just like face, voice or fingerprints, the iris is also a biometric modality to uniquely identify and authenticate a human being. The iris being a protected, internal organ has significant advantages:

Not affected by external environment - Face and retina recognition are severely affected by lighting conditions. Voice recognition is affected by background noise. Fingerprint recognition is unreliable after washing hands, does not work for people with certain kind of occupations.

Not easily accessible - difficult to spoof - Face is available in various pictures available on the internet, social media sites. Voice can be easily recorded over phones or other chatting systems. Fingerprints are always available on various surfaces, including the mobile devices themselves.

Not affected by time - Face, eye veins, finger skin, voice - all change over time, and hence prove to be unreliable.

Iris - Better than Face, Eye Veins, Voice, Fingerprints

Easy to use

Iris is easily visible. With ActiveIRISTM a look at the mobile device is all it takes to recognize a user, no need for touch, slide, scan.

Wide Demographics

Iris being a protected organ. It does not get affected by age, weather, occupation and other external conditions.


Unlike face, eye veins, fingerprint and other modalities, iris has lower false acceptance rates, it is harder to spoof, uses trusted camera. Hence more secure.